Outlook rule stopped working

Outlook has many settings, options, and functions to work with. One of the most helpful functions among all of those things are Outlook Rules. What are rules in Outlook? A rule is just an action that Outlook will perform automatically when there are incoming or outgoing messages, and the actions are based on default conditions or rules that you setup yourself. Looking for a faster way to organize and search through Outlook?

Try a search tool! But what should you do when your Outlook rules stop working? Outlook Rules may stop working when you upgrade from Outlook to Outlook Your best bet when it comes to malfunctioning Outlook rules might be to delete the rules that are failing to do their job, and recreate them. Editing or recreating the rules you need will usually have them up and running again. If after doing these things, your rules are still not working properly, you may have to recreate your profile or delete and re-add the accounts to your profile in Outlook Make sure you have all of your data backed up before doing this.

Once you have your accounts back up and running, you can then recreate the rules you need. Date: Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Email is an excellent communication method. It has become a ubiquitous part of daily life since it became widespread in the mids.

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Diese Seite verwendet Cookies, um Ihnen einen besseren Service bereitzustellen. Why your Outlook rules are not working Outlook Rules may stop working when you upgrade from Outlook to Outlook Make sure this box is not selected. Creating, editing, and deleting Outlook Rules Your best bet when it comes to malfunctioning Outlook rules might be to delete the rules that are failing to do their job, and recreate them.

Share with:. Other things you might find interesting:. How to Recall an Email in Outlook Thank you for your comment! It will be published on the blog as soon as we've approved it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Improving the read more While some of read moreOutlook rules are automatic actions performed on incoming email messages.

For example, a rule filters all messages from a certain sender into a folder for you to review later. Setting up these rules can streamline your inbox and help you become more efficient. Troubleshooting common errors helps you fix broken rules so you can get back to a clean inbox. Instructions in this article apply to OutlookOutlookOutlookOutlookand Outlook for Microsoft Several different and unrelated problems prevent Outlook rules from running automatically or even disabling rules altogether.

Any of these may be the culprit:. Because several glitches affect whether Outlook rules run automatically, troubleshooting the problem is the best way to get them working again. Here are some of the things you can try:. Size matters in Outlook rules. In many cases, the size available for all your Outlook Rules will be limited to 64 KB or less. It's not a problem if you have several simple rules to run automatically, but if you have many rules, or very complicated rules, size could be your problem.

Several of the troubleshooting steps included here will help you reduce the size of your Outlook rules. Rename rules. If your rules have lengthy names, editing them to have shorter names could decrease the size of your existing rules. Delete old rules. Another way to reduce the overall size of your existing rules is to get rid of those you no longer need.

Clear the client only or on this machine only checkbox. It's possible that when the rule was created, this setting was selected, which will prevent the rule from working when you access your Outlook account on a different device. Combine similar rules. Turning several similar rules into a single rule is another way to reduce the overall size of your rules. After you've combined similar rules, delete the unnecessary rules. Rename or reset the SRS file in Outlook. Start by deleting the rule that's not working, then run the Inbox Repair Tool.

Fix corruption using an Exchange account. Exchange Cache Mode could give you a smoother experience when you connect to your email account because a copy of your mailbox saves to your computer. This local copy offers quicker access to your email messages and other items. If you're using an Exchange account, deleting the rule, disabling Exchange Cache Mode, then recreating the rule could resolve the glitch.

After it's fixed, try enabling Exchange Cache Mode again. Tweet Share Email.Try just using one domain, so "abc. Remove the exception rule and see if that allows the messages to go into the abc folder. If it does then you know it's the exception rather than the condition part of the rule that has an issue, and can focus on determining what's wrong with that part.

outlook rule stopped working

Several reasons may cause the rule you created not working, here are the steps for you to troubleshoot:. You'd better back up your rule before the steps. Simply start Outlook from the run dialog with the switch, for instance :. You can also clean just the client or server rules separately. MFCMapi is very useful but I'd suggest it's a hammer to crack a nut, especially considering the damage you can potentially do with it.

Note, it has little or no error trapping or validation, and allows you to change pretty much anything about your mailbox settings, so adding, deleting or modifying the wrong things can be bad! If you decide to resort to it, make sure you have a backup first just in case. I have the same Problem and im not gonna reset anything cause it's a fresh installation of Windows and Outlook! Though its not an exchange, just a normal IMAP local account.

The rule works but wont load automatically - Arriving Simple as that but it wont work am I doing something wrong? Of course Outlook is running the whole time. I'd suggest creating your own post rather than poaching someone else's 3 year old post! The original poster was referring to an Exchange mailbox, while you're referring to an IMAP mailbox I'm talking about the connection method rather than server version hereso it's quite possible you have completely different issues, plus you haven't said anything about what you're actually trying to achieve or what your specific rule is doing.

You could add in a new rule with the two email addresses that you DON'T want to move and the response to that rule is. I have a similar issue where I have set up a rule to move all email items from "Quora" to a "Quora" folder and yet some items with "Quora" as the sender do not get moved. Those with "Quora Digest" also don't get moved. Now it may be because the underlying email address is different but the display name is the same but I want to move all of the messages with Quora in the display name or all email addresses like quora.

Ongoing issue with this - the setting is lost with Outlook automatic updates, even if you close Outlook to save the settings; even doing a reboot does not help to save these options.

outlook rule stopped working

Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Internet Explorer TechCenter. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads.One of my user has setup a rule on this outlook and it has been working for almost one year and suddenly it stopped working. You can open rules, click options and then export the rule to back it up.

If you open the rule you can write down the rule parts to re-create. A good test is to recreate the rule from scratch if it's not working. Since the environment is hybrid, the problematic mailbox is located on-premise or online? Please do a test that forwarding to other external email addresses, like Hotmail. Check automatically forwarding to an external domain is enabled in Office Document how the rule is configured, delete it and recreate it. I would look carefully at the rule also to make sure the user hasn't overlooked a change on the incoming messages that is making the rule no longer work.

If it moves specific emails to a folder, make sure that folder still exists, and is in the same location. Rules dont just stop, but since you have not provided what the rule is doing, and have not stated if you've checked the rule - maybe the order has changed and the rule doesn't get matched because another prioritizes it.

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Hi experts i am using exchange One of my user has setup a rule on this outlook and it has been working for almost one year and suddenly it stopped working. Best Answer. Thai Pepper.

AaronJBerger This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. We found 10 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers! CyberSecHakr Jun 13, Maybe a transport rule set on the Exchange Server? Was this helpful? Master Chief Dec 24, For your reference: Use rules in Outlook Web App to automatically forward messages to another account.

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What To Do When Outlook 2010 Rules Stop Working

Microsoft Support. I've created new rules and tried to apply them and they don't work.

outlook rule stopped working

I've rebooted my machine and I've done everything that I'm aware of to do in order to make this work. According to my desktop app - I'm on version build When I try to run an update manually - it says I'm on the latest version but I'm pretty there's out there somewhere. The user experience of this incident is: Users are receiving an error when attempting to manage their rules in the Outlook client.

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Microsoft Outlook Email Rules Stopped working 8/13/2018

October 6, Due to high volumes, response times in the community may be delayed over the next few days. Darin Coulter. Can anyone offer any insight as to why this no longer works? Thanks, Darin. This thread is locked.

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question User Moderator. For affected customers to easily identify the information here, this thread will be closed. Thanks for marking this as the answer.I am using Outlook on a Windows 7 32 bit machine.

I have several rules set up in MS Outlook however, Outlook rules not working properly automatically even Outlook is open on my PC. I have tried to re-create these rules and verified the spelling multiple times also, moved them to top of the list of rules. Yet, they are still not moving the appropriate messages to the requested folder.

I have not done anything fancy with the rules as all they do is moving the emails to another folder. How can I fix issue when Microsoft Outlook rules not running automatically? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you! There are several users who have faced the issue that Outlook rules not working automatically or manually.

This technical paper comprises some simple and cost-efficient techniques to deal with this issue. MS Outlook provides many settings, functions, and operations to work with and Rules are one of the handiest functions among all. Microsoft Outlook rules are based on the default conditions or protocols that are set up by users.

The Outlook rules are advantageous because they help in:. However, what if these Microsoft Outlook rules not working automatically, even after they are created accurately? Basically, this condition indicates corruption either in the rules or within the mailbox.

Below are some techniques to fix Outlook Rules stopped working automatically issue. Default location of. In case when you face Outlook and rules not working properly in the system, follow the steps given below:. In Outlook and earlier versions:. If you are using the Exchange environment, you can check if it works after disabling the Cached Exchange Mode then, recreate the rule just like described above.

If it works then, navigates to the OST file for your mail profile.Randomly I have users tell me that their outlook rules are no longer working. I of course attributed to user error, until 2 days ago when mine did the same thing. Who feels like a jerk now? So I deleted all of them, created new rules, worked, and today they are crapping out again. Even when I run all the rules it doesn't seem to work properly. Any suggestions or insight? Ok, I figured out the problem.

I had cleaned up my rules, and it changed the order of them slightly. Most of the emails come in as enterprise IT first. Originally I had the rule putting enterprise IT emails in the EIT folder at the bottom of the rules, it had been moved further up the list. So the emails coming in were being sent to EIT, and being marked as done, so the other rules weren't touching them again.

I moved the enterprise rule to the bottom of the list and now it's working well again. Get-InboxRule will show client side rules. They will look different that server side rules as they will show only the conditions.

This may be obvious, but do you include "stop processing more rules" in them to prevent them from getting all balled up? I haven't hit the 20 mark yet, I'm at 16 right now. I'm runningbut some of the users I mentioned are using I can't comment specifically on how many rules they have at the moment, but I know at least 2 of them have had their rules set up for a year or more without changes before they had the issue. Thanks for the quick response by the way. Ya, I guess that would seem obvious, but I'm actually new to the corporate aspect of outlook usage, up until now it has only been on a personal scale.

So rules are something I'm still trying to learn and master, could you elaborate on "stop processing more rules"? It's sometimes best, if you don't want some undesirable behavior to occur, include a check next to "stop processing more rules" in the "What do you want to do with the message" section.

Had you checked that box, your rule most likely would have behaved better. Ya, I'm glad you mentioned it because I've been playing with that detail of the rules and can now fine tweak it better.

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Charles Apr 6, at UTC.


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